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Exclusive Services

Here are the services we offer. 

You can pick 1 or All. We will work around your needs. 

If you require more information on specific points, please contact info@ydsaevents.com for further more detailed information.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most important aspects of a business for visibility, but this depends on discoverability.

  • Social Media Strategy - Products, Events, Our Story, Our Staff, Offers

  • Campaign Launches -  Smooth flow of a series of content 

  • Live footage footage & coverage 

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & more

  • Email Marketing

  • Pictures, Carousels, Reels and Story Telling Series

  • Visuals and Promo content

  • Data Analysis & improvements



Once we have some client details and raised some interest vis Social Media & PR, it is time to invite clients in for an event and for them too have a good time and build a community 

  • Curate Events with Unique concepts

  • Collaborations - Influencers, Brands, Celebrities

  • Planning Launches

  • Promotional Events

  • Offerings on Every night of the week 

  • Analysis of the nights and improvements

  • Seasonal Events - Christmas, MCR Pride, Valentines etc

  • Press Releases & Press Coverage

  • Charity/Fundraiser Events

  • UGC - User Generated Content

  • Follow ups & Feedbacks


Paid Media 

Reaching new audiences via paid Media and retargeting that audience with an offer via Meta or TikTok Ads is a Strategy that's tested and tried with a overwhelming positive outcome

  • Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

  • TikTok Ad

  • Google Ads (Google, Youtube)

  • Paid articles

  • Influencer collabs

  • Story Telling & Business/Celebrity Collabs

  • Unpaid Press

  • User Generated Content


Audiences (Retargeting & Community Building)

Retargeting audience that took an action on Ads and inviting them in for events and getting their loyalty and turning them into returning customers.

  • Every night of the week with special vibe

  • Collaborations with Key people and characters on the Manchester scene for further reach

  • Client Relations Management (collecting contact details)

  • Email Marketing 

  • Audience + Competitor Analysis

  • Establishing VIPs & Target Market


Promotional Artwork & Designs

Attention grabbing and unique promotional Artwork & Digital Videos for Posters, flyers and Ads.

  • Social Media Posts - Pictures & Reels

  • Promotional artwork - Posters, Flyers

  • Digital Artwork - Videos, Footage, Recipes

  • Adverts

  • Data Analysis & Trend Awareness

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